2021-2022 School Climate Survey

The School Climate Surveys are an integral part of the district’s efforts to promote school improvement and educational accountability. School Climate Surveys of parents, students, and staff have been annually administered in the Miami-Dade County Public School district since the early 1990s. The purpose of these surveys is to gather information regarding what these groups think about the school and their perceptions concerning how the school can be improved.

Your opinion is very important to us!!!

Please consider completing the School Climate Survey.  It may be accessed via the following link:   https://drs2.dadeschools.net/

Deadline to respond is: Monday, May 16, 2022

Weblinks to the Seven Climate Surveys

Parent Survey in English:

Parent Survey in Spanish:

Parent Survey in Haitian-Creole:

Teachers Survey:

Students Grades 4-5 Survey:

Students Grades 6-8 Survey:

Students Grades 9-12 Survey:

2021-2022 School Climate Survey Information Sheet